Dr. Khosla’s Dental Clinic offer tests, x-rays, and techniques to identify and cure a variety of health circumstances. We offer radiology solutions. The majority of patients demanding routine dental radiographs are seen on a walk-in basis through sessions are required for individual exams such as sialography, scan grams or cross-sectional picture.

Dental Radiology Services Gurgaon
Our division is led by an experienced dental consultant radiologist who provides support for the medical center. The advisor teaches postgraduates from the AIIMS and consists of a team of specialized radiographers reinforced by management and technical employees. All expert employees perform Ongoing Professional Development, and all medical activities are used within the established medical government and review requirements. The radiographers get involved in the training of learners from a variety of professions within medicine and dental care such as dental nursing staff, radiographers, PCTs, and MSc post grad dental practitioners.

Conditions Treated
The expert dental radiological picture support provides intra-oral and extra-oral dental and maxillofacial opinions such as spectacular radiography and cephalometry. Scanner cross-sectional view is offered for dental improvement planning, evaluation, and sialography for the research of salivary glandular problems.