White set of teeth is a highly desired virtue that everyone longs for, and this is due to the facts that white teeth are the symbol of strong teeth and are needed for an elegant smile too. Shiny white teeth are required as these dry bones can get stained or could also change shape due to some accident or illness. Thus, in order to restore its sparkle and substance, teeth whitening activities are performed. The most used whitening techniques have been the brushing, whitening strips, bleaching strips, bleaching gels and so on while the latest discovery has been the use of zoom technology for seeking naturally bright teeth.

Zoom Teeth Whitening @ Dr Khosla’s Clinic: This has been the latest technology which originated in the US, but has now been widely available throughout the world. Zoom whitening has been an in-office dental treatment, which is aimed at finding a white sparkling teeth and thereby providing an elegant smile. It has been an hour-long in-office therapy whereby zoom whitening light is pressingly concentrated over the portion of your teeth where the chemical has been placed before. The describing steps have been mentioned as of below:

A) The dentist will discuss with you the necessary requirements for the successful accomplishment of such a therapy, such as overall health check-up and mental attitude and spirits.

B) Next, he will carry out preliminary arrangements for the elegance-oriented procedure, for instance, he will apply the cream on the lips. Next, he would also place the jaw retractor device. Besides, teeth will also be covered with a secure bandage and masking gel near the teeth as well with the intention that they associate with the bleaching chemical only.

C) In the wake of this, he will apply a well-measured quantity of hydrogen peroxide gel onto the targeted set of teeth and this step would mark the beginning of the teeth whitening therapy.

D) The lightening source would mobilize the medicated gel and the chemical of the gel activates and starts the whitening process. Such a process lasts for 15 minutes, the process is accomplished thrice at brief intervals during which level of brightness is judged, and additional gel is applied thereafter as per necessity.

E) In the end, the gel is wiped and one blooms with an elegant smile.

Teeth Whitening Gurgaon The therapy has gained widespread popularity for the range of benefits, such as the following ones:

1. Firstly, it has been considered and accepted as virtually a painless treatment. Although, some mild pain is sensed, but the patient is made to bear it.

2. Secondly, it provides brightest results instantly.

3. Thirdly, the elegantly vivid facial outcome has been enduring in substance.

4. Finally, it is termed as completely safe and secure therapy, provided some renowned dentist accomplishes it.

Thus, in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR, such a dental treatment is delicately performed at Dr. Khosla’s Clinic, which is regarded as one of the pioneers of this accomplishment in the whole of North India. From the year 2006, we have been conducted over 1500 remedial treatments on both local and international patients.

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