Sterilization & Disinfection

We at Dr. Khosla’s Dental clinic, Gurgaon are very selective about sterilization & disinfection. Every patient who comes into our clinic should know the steps taken for the same. The systems and instruments that we use are cleaned and changed regularly. We make sure that our patients are safe, and our treatment centers are not a place for any source of contamination.
For this objective, we take care of all factors of disease control via cleanliness, purification, disinfection, cleanliness, and space for storage. We follow all the worldwide security measures laid out by renowned organizations. There are a number of infections that are treated in our medical center. Hence we make it a practice that hand cleaning is necessary before starting any action in the medical center.
Safety gloves and covers are necessary while executing oral treatment of the individual. Based on the process, the gloves can be either single use evaluation gloves or medical gloves. Whenever we start surgery or any treatment, we follow the below steps to ensure that we provide high-end treatments.
Pre-Cleaning: For us pre-cleaning is must because cleanliness and disinfection techniques may not be effective if products have not been washed first.
Sterilization: In this process, we use all methods to hamper the growth of all types and forms of micro- organisms such as virus, harmful bacteria, fungus, and microbial endosperms. We use steam under pressure (steam autoclave); dry heat, and the IDA (Indian Dental Association) recommended unsaturated chemical vapor.
Disinfection: Disinfection has a milder effect on pathogenic creatures than cleanliness. Three levels of disinfection have been classified, based on the type and way of microorganisms damaged.
See the below tables that are exploring what we follow and when we do this procedure...

Critical Items

Surgical instruments, periodontal knives and scaling instruments, forceps, burs, etc


Non- Critical Items

Radiograph head/cone, blood pressure cuff, face bow, pulse oximeter etc.

Cleaned and Disinfected

Re- usable Semi-Critical Items

Plastic impression trays, amalgam carriers, plastic instruments etc.


We sanitize all recyclable equipment, such as dental hand items. We use an autoclave, a device that destroys germs and viruses by vapor, stress, and heat.
The best protection against illness is information. The more you know, the better prepared you are. This will help you make sensible choices about your medical care. The more you know about our daily techniques and guidelines, the more reassured you will be of our services.